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5 hours / $600

September 27, 2016                                                                                                                                               

15 questions to ask when interviewing a DJ for your upcoming event.

You have an upcoming event that requires a professional DJ. All DJs are not equal. Here are 15 questions to ask during the interview process to help you secure the right pro DJ.

1.) Ask the DJ what their experience is? How many years have they been DJing wedding receptions or school dances or whatever the type of event you're planning. Experience is golden. Younger DJs will play this down while more experienced DJs will tell you it is one of the most important assets a DJ can possess.

2.) Is the DJ insured? Most DJs that are serious about their career have liability and equipment insurance and can obtain a certificate of insurance for your event.

3.) Where does the DJ get their music? Most professional DJs belong to a music service (tophitsusa, primecuts, promo only, etc.) that supplies radio edited music from all genres. If the DJ says he downloads or streams music please understand most streaming & download sites don't offer radio edited songs (for the most part).

4 ) Do they have backup equipment available? Generally DJs pride themselves on using the best equipment they can afford. However even the best equipment is an electrical component and as we all know there's no guarantee that it will power on every single time. Backup equipment is great insurance for the client and the DJ. Not everything needs to be backed up, but key components like an extra speaker, controller/mixer, microphone, miscellaneous cables and a laptop or ipad are key.

5.) Do they have a hand-held wireless microphone for toasting and announcements? Ask if it is UHF or VHF. UHF is the preferred as VHF is lower in cost and performance. If the DJ is doing the wedding ceremony ask about a wireless lapel microphone.

6.) Is lighting included? DJ lighting in general is multicolored lights that are sound activated and pointed at the dance floor. DJ lighting is included in the price of the DJ most of the time. Uplighting is placed on the floor and pointed up the wall usually around the perimeter of the room. Uplighting is typically an add-on that ranges from $20-$40 per light.

7.) What time will the DJ set up? Will you be charged for this time? Most DJ companies set up and break down on their own time and don't start charging until they are contracted to start playing music (unless guests arrive early). Set up typically happens 1 - 2 hours prior to the event.

8.) What kind of sound system do they use? Most people overlook this question because they're not educated in this field. There are certain brands that will identify higher-end equipment. Look for industry standards like Pioneer, Denon, QSC, JBL, Mackie, bose, Numark, Vestax and Rane. There are more but these are the most popular used on the mobile DJ circuit.

9.) How does the DJ handle song requests? Most DJs love requests because typically people dance to their song when it's played. If it's a great song the DJ will have no problem playing it. If it is a song that's going to kill the dance floor, most DJs will avoid that song unless it is specifically requested by the person hosting the event. Part of a good DJ's job is to act as a request filter and only play songs that will keep the dance floor busy, as well as specific songs they were instructed to play when contracted.

10.) What does the DJ wear to an event like yours? If it is a formal event the DJ is expected to wear a suit or even a tux if specified. If it is a casual event expect the DJ to dress business casual. If it's a pool party shorts and a polo. DJs are hired by their client and expected be dressed appropriate at start time.

11.) Will the DJ stay & play additional hours if needed? Some DJ companies are notorious for charging outrageous prices for an additional hour or 2 booked in the late hours of an event. Most DJ companies are fair and will charge the same amount whether additional hours are booked before or at the event. If its clear on the contract that additional hours are the same cost both before and at the event, consider booking the minimum hours and adding as needed. This way you pay for only what you use. This will help you from being overcharged.

12.) What event planning options does the DJ offer? These days most DJ's use an online event planner. This will help you customize your event and make it easy for both the client and the DJ to access and share information. Typically the online event planner will allow the client to plan the details of the event, make a timeline, create song lists and pay their balance.

13.) Does the DJ have recent references available? Preferably an event that is similar to the one you're planning that was in the past 3-6 months.

14.) Ask to review a contract. Be familiar with the deposit and cancellation policy as well as the final cost of the event. Make sure there isn't anything that's going to be added-on in the end. Ask about accepted methods of payment. Some companies charge a fee for processing credit cards.

15.) Is the DJ available to meet prior to the event or at least have a phone conversation to discuss all the details? Good DJs will want as much information as possible and will be available for meetings before the event. The most important meeting is the one right before your event.


September 19, 2016

Planning an upcoming school dance? 5 reasons why to hire a pro DJ.

Students work hard to make the grade. Reward them at their next school dance by hiring an experienced professional DJ. Here are 5 reasons why to hire a pro.

1.) Experienced working with students and teachers.
2.) Radio edited music and appropriate song selections.
3.) DJ Lighting. It changes the feel of the room and kids love it.
4.) Professional sound system. Loud & clear.
5.) Organized dances, contests and giveaways.
Pro-Sound Entertainment has been offering Pro DJ service to schools since 1994.
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September 16, 2016

Wedding Ceremony Tip.

Planning an upcoming wedding ceremony? Here is something you may not have thought about.

Typically guests will start arriving up to thirty minutes prior to the ceremony. While guests are being seated don't make the mistake of not planning music for this part of your special day. A professional wedding DJ can help with ideas and suggestions to help set the tone that you desire.